Trying Alternative Medicine For Dogs

Just like human medicine, veterinary medicine has been in a constant flux the past years and decades. With new ideas and perspectives, new ways and means have been found for the treatment and care of our beloved dogs. More options are available and each offers a different technique, philosophy and methods. In fact, alternative medicine for dogs has been developed to challenge the traditional veterinary medicine associated with clinics, vaccines and pharmaceutical companies. The following are areas by which alternative veterinary medicine has tried to provide for new options and possibilities:1. The first is the idea and concept of vaccines where alternative medicine for dogs has suggested that instead of vaccinations, what can be used are nosodes, which is a homeopathic mixture. This however has not been tried and proven on scientific grounds on whether it really prevents infectious diseases. But studies have been published that suggest that these nosodes have decreased active diseases and can prevent their spread. The use of this alternative medicine may imply that vaccinations are no longer needed but as to its implications, no study has yet been conducted.2. Another area which is looked at by alternative medicine for dogs is the use of chemical in controlling fleas and ticks. These fleas and ticks are the primary issues of many pet owners. Alternative veterinary medicine suggests that instead of chemical use, one can use garlic, different herbs and a brewer’s yeast. Some have even developed a natural insecticide in the daisy family called the pyrethrins. But of course, nothing can still beat the proper care and grooming of your pet dogs like giving them the right hygiene, right diet and right care. You have to continually clean the area where they would sleep or where they would stay. You have to check if their shampoo is right for them, including their grooming powder.3. With regard to allergies and arthritis, an alternative medicine for dogs can be the use of anti-oxidants and preparations such as chondrotin sulfate and glucosamines and Omega fatty acid supplements. The use of these is an alternative to the use by many of different pharmaceutical products in healing the allergies of the dogs and the arthritis for some.Nothing will prevent you from trying alternative medicine for dogs but you have to ensure you that you have to talk to your veterinarian who will diagnose your pet’s illness and whether she can suggest for alternative medicine. If you want alternative medicine, find for a qualified practitioner and not just any fake practitioners. What is at stake here is the condition and the health of your favorite pet. And if you try alternative medicine, do not expect quick and extensive results because these only offer simple and modest results. The best solution perhaps is to integrate alternative medicine to the traditional medicine and treatment of dogs. Dogs are man’s best friend so you have to give the best medicines and treatment for your dogs.