Homeopathy – Medicinal Substances

Witchcraft or wizardry – call it anything; malign it anyway but homeopathy remains established as the only true healing and curative science and art. Founded on the only curative principle homeopathy is recognized as a potential cure for many ailments deemed incurable by the traditional medical practitioners.A great discovery of homeopathy in its nascent days was that of medicinal substances. It was discovered that in order to enhance the latent curative potential of a medicine further dilutions were required. Next the problem arose what to use to dilute a medicine. The great genius of the founder of homeopathy lies in his miraculous powers of observation that made him conclude that a true medicinal substance should have no curative or medicinal properties of its own but mus absorb the medicinal properties of any substance which is mixed with itHe went on to discover that pure water, ethyl alcohol and cane sugar are the three truly medicinal substances. They were named so because they are pure food and create no symptoms in a normal person. As a corollary these substances have no medicinal properties of their own. However, when dilutions of a medicine are prepared using one of these substances, the dilutions retain the medicinal properties of that medicine.Thus one just cannot use any liquid or solid for preparation of homeopathic dilutions. It can be done only through one of these three substances. Later researches have come to accept sugar of milk also as a medicinal substance, but pure ethyl alcohol continues to the most preferred medium for preparation of dilutions largely because of its preservative properties.A word of caution is necessary. Though a homeopath calls them dilutions, these are not mere dilutions. Preparation of a dilution in homeopathy involves a systematic process of mixing one part of medicine with ninety nine parts of the medicinal substance followed by two strong shakes of the bottle in case of liquids or a systematic process of grinding the medicine with the medicinal substance in case the medicinal substance being used is a solid.